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May 25th, 2009

My favourite book when I was growing up was The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. Loved it! It was one of those stories that you got lost in as a kid. I still remember that part in the book when the kids first discovered Narnia after stepping deeper and deeper into the wardrobe. The words were so descriptive and the premise was so fantastical that it was impossible not to imagine yourself a character in the story- by the way, I just had a debate with my wife about whether ‘fantastical’ is a word. I win. Anyway, when the movie came out a couple years ago, as good as it was, there was no way it was going to live up to my expectations. So here I am now watching the sequel. Halfway through it now. So far, so good…it’s not really a kids movie though but I am looking forward to getting my little dude into all the C.S Lewis books when he’s a little older. Ok, enough typing right now. Back to the movie. Word!narnia_poster